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The solution for weight loss is bariatric surgery!


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  • Hotel, airport and hospital transfers
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  • Blood samples & x-rays
  • Gastroscopy
  • 5-year follow-up
  • Surgeons Liability insurance


    • Gastric Sleeve
      BMI 30+


    • Gastric Bypass Surgery
      BMI 35+


    • Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery
      BMI 35+


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    Dr. William Aguayo

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    Dr. Christian L Rojas

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    • Affordable price
    • 1st world medical facilities
    • A beautiful location to discover
    • Surgeons with a dedication to the bariatric field
    • Flight options available from most major US cities
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    • Affordable price
    • 1st world medical facilities
    • A beautiful location to discover
    • Surgeons with a dedication to the bariatric field
    • Flight options available from most major US cities


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    BMI Range
    Gastriс Sleeve    BMI 30+
    Mini Gastric Bypass    BMI 35+
    Gastric Bypass    BMI 35+


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    • What is bariatric surgery?

      Or “what is weight loss surgery?” Bariatric procedures are a group of different types of weight loss surgeries that involve adjusting the stomach in a way that reduces food intake in order to consume fewer calories, resulting in weight loss. The process begins with ensuring you meet the weight loss surgery requirements and the correct BMI for bariatric surgery. The medical professionals will then distinguish what the safest weight loss surgery is for you. 

    • What is the safest form of weight loss surgery?

      The answer to this question varies from patient to patient. However, the three procedures that we offer are recognized as the least invasive types, resulting in fewer complications and the highest success rates. In order to ensure the safest possible outcome, our team will discuss the pros and cons of weight loss surgery with every patient and make sure they understand the importance of weight loss surgery before and after care advice, including bariatric diet plans and lifestyle changes. Repeated failure to follow post-surgery recommendations may lead to complications resulting in bariatric revision surgery. 

    • What are the weight loss surgery qualifications?

      The requirements for weight loss surgery may include aspects such as health risks related to obesity, the consistent failure of weight loss without surgery, and falling into a certain BMI weight loss surgery threshold. The required BMI for weight loss surgery is as follows: 

      • Gastric Bypass Surgery (BMI 35+)

      • Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery (BMI 35+)

      • Gastric Sleeve (BMI 30+)

      Having a weight loss surgery BMI requirement ensures that the surgery is being carried out on individuals who are most likely to benefit from it and will have the best chance of success.

      If you’re wondering how to get weight loss surgery and are worried whether you fit the criteria, it might be useful to look at the reasons to be denied weight loss surgery, which include:

      • Lack of medical necessity 

      • Active substance abuse

      • Certain medical conditions

      • Lack of commitment to lifestyle changes

    • Does insurance cover weight loss surgery?

      Bariatric surgery may be covered by your insurer, however, it depends on your individual insurer and the type of coverage you have with them. We advise patients to check these details before applying for surgery. It’s worth noting for peace of mind that in the unlikely event of anything going wrong during your procedure, all of our bariatric surgeons hold liability insurance. 

    • How quickly can I get bariatric surgery?

      If you fit the criteria for bariatric surgery, we will arrange a consultation where we can discuss the weight loss surgery pros and cons and evaluate which type of surgery would be appropriate for your weight loss goals. You will be required to follow a 3-month pre-bariatric surgery diet, and your level of compliance with this will determine how long from consultation to bariatric surgery will take. During this time our team will make suggestions about what to buy before the bariatric surgery so that you can be well-prepared for your recovery process at home. 

    • What are the bariatric food requirements before and after weight loss surgery?

      You will be required to follow a pre-bariatric surgery diet. Your bariatric diet before surgery will consist of high protein and reduced saturated fats, carbohydrates and sugars. This will help to reduce fat around your liver and abdomen, allowing for less invasive surgery and a faster recovery time. There are many pre-bariatric recipes that you can try which will help to encourage good food habits for the future. You may also want to research and create a bariatric pre-op liquid diet list in preparation for after your surgery. 

      Your post-bariatric surgery diet should consist of 2-4 weeks on a clean liquid diet, after this, you can slowly start introducing solid foods again. Bariatric protein shakes are a good way to increase your protein intake with easy digestion, as well as bariatric cookbooks to help with healthy meal preparation. You may need to take vitamin supplements as your body will no longer be able to absorb as many nutrients as it did before, however, this isn’t a cause for concern and your doctor will be able to assess which bariatric supplements you need. 

      Our medical team will discuss an individual bariatric meal plan for you in more detail and tell you what foods cannot be eaten after bariatric surgery. 

    • What are the success rates of bariatric surgery?

      After bariatric surgery results are typically very positive but rely heavily on the actions of the patient and their attitude towards: 

      • Maintaining an active lifestyle 

      • Adherence to their bariatric diet post-op

      • Their bariatric diet after surgery. 

      The actions of bariatric patients during their bariatric surgery recovery time are crucial to ensuring the best possible weight loss results. Those who neglect after-care advice and continue to maintain the same eating habits that they did before risk stretching the stomach which could lead to complications and weight loss surgery revision. However, the procedures prove that even if the patient is not fully coherent with the before and after bariatric surgery guidelines, they will likely still lose weight, but not on the same scale as those who fully cooperate with the recommendations. Those who are focused on achieving their weight loss goal will yield bigger success rates. 

    • Will I have scarring or loose skin after weight loss surgery?

      • One of the bariatric surgery pros and cons that patients often contemplate is that the surgery may result in scarring. The type of surgery, as well as the individual's healing process, can affect the size and visibility of the scar. 

      • Laparoscopic surgery is the least invasive stomach surgery for weight loss, often used during VSG weight loss surgery. It involves making small incisions that result in small, faint scars.

      • Weight loss surgery scarring is a normal part of the healing process, but there are things you can do to minimize scarring, such as keeping the incision clean and dry, avoid exposing the incision to sunlight and following the post-operative instructions given by the surgeon. In rare cases, internal bariatric scars may occur during the postoperative period. However, this is easily corrected using a straightforward gastro-endoscopic procedure. 

      • Bariatric weight loss surgery can result in loose skin, especially if a significant amount of weight is lost in a short period of time. As the body loses weight, the skin may not have enough elasticity to shrink and conform to the new shape of the body. 

      • The amount of loose skin and where it occurs can vary depending on the individual's age, genetics, and overall skin health. Factors such as sun damage, smoking, and poor nutrition can also affect the skin's ability to shrink and retain elasticity. But not all patients will experience loose skin after surgery. Some of those that do, however, may choose to undergo plastic surgery after weight loss to address loose skin.

      It’s important to remember that bariatric surgery scars and loose skin are a normal part of the process. Scars tend to fade over time given the correct care, and after weight loss skin surgery is a possibility for those who are struggling with the effects of loose skin.

    • What are the advantages of having weight loss surgery abroad?

      Having bariatric surgery abroad can have several benefits, including lower costs, shorter wait times, and access to experienced surgeons. So if you’re thinking “what’s the best bariatric surgery near me?” Consider the cost of surgeries near you, and whether you really have the time to wait whilst your health deteriorates because of obesity. Additionally, many patients choose to have surgery abroad because they can combine their procedure with a more relaxing, exotic location, making recovering from bariatric surgery more calming. 

    • Why BariatricXS?

      • At BariatricXS we have a team of leading medical professionals who specialize in bariatric surgery and before and after care. Their expertise guarantees that every patient meets the bariatric surgery requirements so that we can provide the safest weight loss surgery process for our patients.

      • When it comes to bariatric clinics, our Ecuador-based clinic boasts superior facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. Our experienced, board-certified surgeons have extensive knowledge of bariatric surgery CPT codes and what each procedure entails, resulting in excellent success stories. The combined skill and proficiency of our team allow us to provide the best possible post-bariatric surgery care and recommendations. We have an understanding of every aspect of the process, from bariatric surgery recovery to advice on bariatric meals and liquid bariatric vitamins. 

      • We offer three main bariatric surgery types, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and mini gastric bypass. Unlike other popular procedures, such as balloon weight loss surgery, our procedures offer a permanent solution and much higher success rates. 

      • Based in Ecuador, our packages enable patients to travel to a superior location, receive excellent care in our state-of-the-art clinic and spend their initial recovery days at the bariatric clinic encompassed in picturesque, calming surroundings, all at a fraction of the cost compared to similar bariatric centers in the US. 

      Contact Us To Learn More About The Perfect Weight Loss Solution For You! 

    • Is your medical team highly experienced?

      Here at BariatricXS Clinic, we have a professional team that is dedicated to creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere for every patient.  We believe that having a professional and supporting medical team is the secret to increasing bariatric surgery success rates. You can find information on how to qualify for weight loss surgery on our page or by contacting our medical team. We’re here every step of the way! Our surgeons have performed countless bariatric weight loss surgeries with the highest standards of care and consistency. They will ensure that your surgery is conducted in the most professional manner.
    • Why Ecuador?

      Our bariatric clinic boasts the highest standard of procedure in all types of different bariatric surgeries. The beautiful country of Ecuador not only has an amazing culture and stunning architecture but also boasts a professional healthcare industry with top-of-the-range facilities to ensure you have the best weight loss surgery possible. When people think about cheap weight loss surgery, usually the country that comes to mind is Mexico for bariatric surgery. But with a growing medical tourism industry, Ecuador is on the rise and in many ways, has a better standard of healthcare!

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