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Weight loss surgery ecuador vs mexico

A third of the US price for 100% of the US standard

10 Differences

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Amy Johnson

Why I chose BariatricXS in Ecuador over similar clinics closer to the US, such as those in Mexico:

1). The medical equipment used in BariatricXS is top of the range compared to some of the low-cost equipment used in cheap facilities such as those found in Mexico. Proper medical equipment can cost over $1500, leading to low-cost clinics going for cheaper alternatives.

2). The fear of having a botched surgery scared me, especially when you see it regularly in Mexico on the news! I needed to find a safer alternative.

3). Professionalism

4). The individual excellence of the staff to take care of your every need, genuinely superb care.

5). The fact that BariatricXS has a ZERO mortality rate.

6). Ecuador is a beautiful country with a rich culture to explore, this was a huge positive during my stay!

7). More thorough preoperative tests.

8). The qualifications of the surgeons at BariatricXS make the decision much easier.

9). Generally higher rates of complications in surgeries in Mexico than those in Ecuador, such as the BariatricXS clinic.

10). Easy flight routes to Ecuador, as you can fly from most major US cities.

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Weight loss surgery in Mexico has been a popular alternative outside of the US. But in the modern age, new alternatives, such as Ecuador, have appeared boasting US quality standards while maintaining the same low cost as Mexico. Explore the professionalism of weight loss surgery in Ecuador with our 10 key differences for both countries below.




Let’s take an in-depth look into comparing Mexican clinics with Ecuadorian clinics, where you can find our BariatricXS Clinic.


Medical equipment
and standards

BariatricXS Clinic in Ecuador:

As medical tourism is endorsed by the Ecuadorian government, this allows clinics to gain top-of-the-range equipment and the latest knowledge and training on bariatric procedures. This gives Ecuador an edge for weight loss surgery as clinics in the country can boast top medical facilities and standards to provide a first-class service with experienced surgeons who work with the latest equipment.



Bariatric surgeons in Mexico will often use poor-quality equipment. This is because disposable medical equipment can cost over $1500, making it expensive for cost-conscious clinics. To save money, they may opt for low-quality alternatives or re-use disposable devices. However, sterilization of these devices may not fully prevent the growth of harmful bacteria like MRSA, which can cause serious infections and even death. This is one of the reasons you sometimes see in the news “Gastric Sleeve Mexico Horror Stories!” headlines, as working with equipment that is not up to standards can be a grave mistake. There are thousands heading to Mexico every year for these surgeries which unfortunately leads to “Black Market” clinics. These clinics are unlicensed and have untrained surgeons offering cheap weight loss surgery in Mexico, which makes it hard to tell the difference between real and black market clinics.



Fatality rate

BariatricXS Clinic in Ecuador:

A significant number of our former patients have reported that the clinic’s exceptional safety record was a major factor in their decision to choose us. The safety standards at BariatricXS in Ecuador are highly regarded, with stringent rules and regulations in place, and first-rate aftercare is provided to all patients. We boast a solid track record with our surgeries and patient care, especially when compared to Mexico bariatric center reviews.



Unfortunately, due to the cheap equipment and medical standards mentioned previously, there are a lot of horror stories leading to death due to weight loss surgery in Mexico. These fatalities are tragic and can lead those who are debating bariatric surgeries, such as a gastric sleeve, to wonder “ls it safe to get a gastric sleeve in Mexico?”. Ongoing issues with inadequate and unsanitary equipment can cause catastrophic deaths even if the clinic has the best bariatric surgeons in Mexico.



Care & complications

BariatricXS Clinic in Ecuador:

To ensure the procedure has been successful and no complications have occurred, patients stay at our BariatricXS Clinic for at least 2 days after the surgery, with a total time of 3-4 days spent.



Going to Mexico for weight loss surgery will have its risks, as mentioned before, some of the bariatric clinics are often not up to scratch with the alternatives, such as Ecuador. As potential clients search for different types of bariatric procedures, such as a lap band in Mexico or the cheapest gastric sleeve in Mexico, they should understand the risks that can occur. One of the risks is that patients are allowed to leave too early, leading to complications not being noticed by the medical staff.



Clinical Excellence

BariatricXS Clinic in Ecuador:

At our BariatricXS Clinic, we ensure that every surgery is kept to extremely high standards. We make sure that the patients are receiving the best experience possible and that the surgical procedure is carried out in the most professional manner. Our surgeons always carry out a blue liquid test before the surgery can be concluded to ensure complications are kept to a minimum. Our surgeons also take extra time with every procedure to carry out manual stapling reinforcement. Manual stapling reinforcement is very rarely carried out by the majority of surgeons around the globe, making our Ecuador clinic stand out above the rest!



Mexico bariatric centers have complaints that often state that the clinical standard was not up to scratch when performing surgeries such as a lap band surgery in Mexico or a gastric sleeve in Tijuana Mexico. This again is because of the poor equipment that is used in some clinics, as well as untrained surgeons, poor health guidelines and not putting the patients first. Bariatric procedures such as gastric sleeve surgery performed in Mexico can often begin without the proper precautions in place to ensure the patient's safety comes first.



BariatricXS Clinic in Ecuador:

As Ecuador is becoming known for its high standards in healthcare, our BariatricXS Clinic is no exception. Our preoperative examinations adhere to comprehensive and thorough standards in accordance with the USA, while only charging a fraction of the cost. Your main point of contact will be one of our patient coordinators who will help you with the documentation, any queries you have and guide you through the entire process one step at a time. Once one of our doctors has confirmed you meet the medical requirements for the bariatric surgery you are undergoing, a date will be set for your surgery. This date is usually around 1-2 weeks after receiving the preliminary assessment from the Surgeon and once eligibility is confirmed.



There is no standard set by which every Mexican clinic abides, it is down to the individual clinic to decide what measures are taken before your bariatric surgery, such as a sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico. The preoperative examinations for gastric sleeve surgeries and single-incision gastric sleeve procedures are extremely important as failure to spot any issues pre-surgery can sometimes cause deadly complications. If you have thought about undergoing, for example, a vertical gastric sleeve in Mexico, you should read the risks that are truly involved and decide if having a gastric sleeve in Mexico is safe.



Botched surgeries

BariatricXS Clinic in Ecuador:

At our BariatricXS Clinic, we hold ourselves to such high standards that a botched surgery has never taken place. This doesn’t mean we have had no complications which have led to further post-surgery in order to correct, or that every patient has achieved the weight loss result that was desired. But when it comes to botched surgeries we hold a clean track record and continue providing professional and affordable bariatric surgeries with positive results.



On the whole, Mexico isn’t known for its world-class bariatric surgery clinics and patient satisfaction. Clinics in Mexico, unfortunately, have been the perpetrators of botched surgeries time and time again, this can be seen through patient testimonies such as gastric bypass Mexico reviews. Many who are seeking medical tourism look towards bariatric surgery in Tijuana Mexico as this is the bariatric capital of the country. Individuals often travel to receive bariatric surgeries such as Sleeve gastrectomy or Gastric bypass in Mexico due to the low costs. For example, the gastric bypass surgery cost in Mexico is significantly lower than in the US, which can lead individuals to accidentally choose an illegal clinic for surgery, which can end up botched. This is one of the risks you need to be aware of while wondering “How much is bariatric surgery in Mexico”.



Qualifications and
experience of

BariatricXS Clinic in Ecuador:

Our surgeons boast an incredible track record and have been vetted to ensure the highest quality procedures take place. All surgeons have over 10+ years of surgical experience and specialize in bariatric surgery, which is why our complication rates are so low.



Mexico does have a wide variety of surgeons that are experienced and specialize in bariatric surgeries. That being said, it is hard to distinguish if a surgeon is legitimate or whether the surgeon has the right qualifications as many clinics across Mexico are constantly shut down by authorities for not having qualified surgeons. When individuals debate whether to have weight loss surgery they often think for example “How much does a gastric sleeve cost in Mexico” or “What are the gastric bypass reviews in Mexico like?” rather than thinking “What experience do the surgeons at the clinic of choice have?”. It is very important to understand the risks involved when traveling for bariatric surgery such as a gastric sleeve in Mexico.



Travel length, cost,
and transfer time

BariatricXS clinic in Ecuador:

There are many airlines that operate between Ecuador and the US, and there are several flights available from major cities. Flight times could be as little as 4 hours, but may vary depending on which US city you’re flying from. Our packages ensure that your transfer from the airport to your hotel goes smoothly so that you can recuperate comfortably after your flight. Finally, our dedicated team will be waiting upon your arrival at the clinic with a warm welcome.



While the cost of a gastric bypass in Mexico is appealing, sometimes these prices don’t include certain aspects of your process, such as transportation from the airport to your hotel or clinic, which can result in patients forking out more than they expected. Also, there’s nothing more stressful than being in a foreign country right before you’re about to undergo surgery and having to navigate yourself around when you don’t speak the language. Having a negative experience before you’ve even reached the clinic can have a huge impact on your whole outlook on the surgery and process.



Cultural Differences

BariatricXS clinic in Ecuador:

While Ecuador and Mexico are both located in Latin America and share similarities, there are many differences that make Ecuador distinctive. From its varied and delicious cuisine to its traditional customs and respect for values which we share at our clinic.



Whereas Mexico, with its beautiful beaches and tropical forests, is a popular tourist location, it can be an adverse consequence for medical weight loss tourists as they spend their days recovering in an overcrowded clinic with rushed staff, suffering from deprivation of the beautiful landscape beyond the clinic’s walls.

Another downside of bariatric surgery in Mexico is the potential language barrier if clinic staff only speak Spanish.



Individual approach
and privacy

BariatricXS clinic in Ecuador:

At BariatricXS in Ecuador, we pride ourselves on offering a more personalized and relaxed experience for our patients. Unlike other overpopulated tourist clinics, we have the time and resources to fully dedicate ourselves to each patient and their individual needs. By providing a more personal and intimate experience, we believe that our patients are better equipped to fully achieve their weight loss goals.



Although weight loss surgery costs in Mexico make it a popular destination for bariatric patients, the high demand for these procedures can lead to overcrowding in clinics, resulting in a less personalized experience. Due to the high volume of patients, some surgeons may not be able to spend as much time with each patient as they would like, leading to less communication and understanding of the patient's needs or concerns. These patients may feel like they are part of an assembly line and their care is robotic to fit the schedule of the clinic.


  • How much is weight loss surgery in Mexico?

    Bariatric surgery in Mexico costs significantly less than in the US. As a result of the medical tourism phenomenon, other countries, such as Ecuador, have since begun to attract American patients with similar cost savings. 

    • How much is a gastric sleeve in Mexico? $4700- $5700 (BariatricXS in Ecuador- $4980)

    • How much is a gastric bypass in Mexico? $5800- $6800 (BariatricXS in Ecuador- $5980)

  • Why is gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico so popular?

    The primary appeal of a gastric sleeve in Mexico is the cost, because of this, gastric bypass surgery in Tijuana Mexico is also on the rise. The city of Tijuana’s popularity for weight loss surgery means that surgeons are performing more and more procedures and gaining experience, similar to the city of Quito in Ecuador. Weight loss surgery in Mexico reviews have caused uncertainty among people seeking out bariatric procedures due to their widespread presence on the internet. However, reviews at our BariatricXS clinic in Ecuador demonstrate the confidence you can have in our expertise and capabilities. 

  • Why is the cost of bariatric surgery in Mexico so low?

    The reason for the dramatic difference in price is due to Lower overhead costs in Mexico, meaning that Mexican staff salaries are much less than in the US, and malpractice insurance costs are lower for surgeons in Mexico. The Mexican government also provides subsidies to hospitals and clinics, which helps to keep gastric bypass in Mexico costs low. It’s for similar reasons that at our BariatricXS clinic in Ecuador, we are able to match the price of low-cost weight loss surgery in Mexico while providing a superior and safe medical experience. 

  • Is weight loss surgery in Mexico safe?

    As mentioned earlier, it’s Mexico's weight loss surgery reviews that leave people doubting the idea of medical tourism. However, not all clinics hold a poor reputation. It’s recommended that extensive research is carried out on any clinic before you make a decision and you can find information on our website about our state-of-the-art clinic in Ecuador along with details and the experience of our surgeons. So if you’re considering a gastric bypass in Tijuana Mexico, ask yourself if BariatricXS in Ecuador could be the perfect alternative solution for you at a competitive price.

  • Is it worth traveling to Mexico for lap band surgery?

    Mexico lap band surgery has the potential to provide successful weight loss results depending on the specific clinic you chose and the competence of the surgeon who will be performing your procedure. However, lap band surgery in Tijuana, Mexico or anywhere else in the world for that matter, can cause problematic results. This is due to complications that can arise from band slippage and the patient's ability to manipulate and stretch the band through excessive eating, which results in less effective weight loss results and more revision surgeries compared to other procedures.

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