Bariatric Surgery Costs at our clinic

Bariatric Surgery Costs and What’s Included






The table below displays our bariatric surgery costs. We offer unbeatable prices which are competitive against the cost of weight loss surgery in Mexico. Look into the cost of gastric bypass surgery, the cost of mini gastric bypass, and sleeve gastrectomy cost, as well as details about what’s included in our unmatched packages which outshine bariatric surgery average costs in the US.

Mini-Gastric Bypass

$ 5980 /procedure
  • Airport, hotel, hospital transfer
  • 1 night hotel accommodation
  • 4 day stay at hospital
  • Blood samples & x-rays
  • Gastroscopy
  • 5 year follow up

Sleeve Gastrectomy

$ 4980 /procedure
  • Airport, hotel, hospital transfer
  • 1 night hotel accommodation
  • 4 day stay at hospital
  • Blood samples & x-rays
  • Gastroscopy
  • 5 year follow up


When you choose BariatricXS for your weight loss surgery, you'll not only be getting access to our state-of-the-art equipment, modern facilities, and superior medical care, but also a variety of additional benefits that come included in our bariatric surgery prices. Discover the extra perks we offer to our patients:

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At BariatricXS, we ensure that our patients are well-nourished throughout their stay with us and beyond.

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24/7 Assistance


Our weight loss surgery prices include round-the-clock assistance to our patients. We strive to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

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Samples and X-rays


All samples and X-rays are included in the cost of your weight loss surgery.

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Hospital Stay


We invite you to spend 4 days with us at our hospital, where your comfort, health, and safety are our top priorities.

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Transport and Accommodation


Transportation to and from the airport and clinic, as well as transportation to your beautiful hotel.

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5 Years By Your Side


Transportation to and from the airport and clinic, as well as transportation to your beautiful hotel.


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Weight2: St Weight: lbs Height: Ft Height: in


BMI Range
Gastriс Sleeve    BMI 30+
Mini Gastric Bypass    BMI 35+
Gastric Bypass    BMI 35+

* This is feedback from our former patients, and such an outcome cannot be guaranteed or promised.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Price

The cost of gastric bypass surgery without insurance can vary widely depending on the location and the specific procedure performed. In the US, the cost can range from $15,000 to $30,000. In Mexico, gastric bypass surgery cost is typically lower than in the US, with prices averaging around $6,000 to $7,000. But, if you were to consider your surgery with us in Ecuador, you’d get more value for your money. How much does a gastric bypass cost at BariatricXS? Our gastric bypass price is unmatched at $5980 as we boast quality and affordability that’s superior to our competitors. The high standards of our equipment and practice mean that the chances of a successful procedure are extremely high, reducing the likelihood of our patients having to fork out revision gastric bypass costs in the future.

Mini Gastric Bypass Cost

We offer incomparable mini gastric bypass procedures at the affordable cost of $5980. Compared to the weight loss surgery cost in Mexico, we offer a competitive price for bariatric surgery without compromising on quality. With the latest equipment and highly skilled surgeons, we are able to provide our patients with the best value for money when compared to the cost of bariatric surgery in Mexico.

Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery Cost

At our practice, we strive to make the cost of vertical sleeve gastrectomy as affordable as possible. While our sleeve gastrectomy prices match those offered in Mexico, our patients can be confident in the effectiveness and safety of our surgeries. Our experienced surgeons ensure that for those patients who are covering their gastric sleeve costs without insurance, it's worth the investment in long-term weight loss success. In comparison to the gastric sleeve price in Mexico, our patients can expect a more effective and safe procedure with a higher success rate. Additionally, our experienced surgeons perform our surgeries equipped with extensive knowledge of the procedure and the most sophisticated surgical instruments available. Lessening the potential sting of bariatric revision surgery costs in the future.

Price of Lap Band Surgery

If you’ve been thinking “I wonder how much lap band surgery costs near me?” Our response would be that we highly recommend considering alternative weight loss surgery options for safety reasons, such as a sleeve gastrectomy, which has a proven track record of success. This way you won't have to ponder over the potential cost to remove a lap band or worry about further complications arising. Our team of experienced surgeons and state-of-the-art equipment ensure the best possible outcome for our patients.


  • What’s the average cost for bariatric surgery?

    The average cost of bariatric surgery varies depending on the location of the clinic and the type of procedure that’s being performed. For example, the cost of gastric bypass surgery in Mexico and Ecuador is a fraction of the cost in the US. That being said, Mexico's weight loss surgery clinics are extremely overcrowded at the moment, resulting in possible waiting lists and rushed medical care. 

  • How much does bariatric surgery cost at BariatricXS?

    We pride ourselves on being just as affordable as Mexico in terms of bariatric surgery cost, but with an upper hand when it comes to our patient’s comfort and safety. For example, our price of gastric sleeve surgery is an unparalleled $4980, which is similar to the price of a gastric sleeve in Mexico. However, our packages come with added luxuries such as airport transfers and a night's stay at a beautiful hotel upon arrival.
  • How much does a gastric bypass cost?

    Gastric bypass surgery cost can vary depending on the location. Gastric bypass surgery in Mexico costs are known for being less expensive than in the US, however, at our clinic in Ecuador, we offer competitive pricing for gastric bypass surgery that is similar to what you would find in Mexico. But, with us, you'll receive a better overall package that includes top-notch post-surgery care and support.

  • How much does lap band surgery cost?

    At our practice, we believe that lap band surgery is not an effective solution for weight loss. This is because of the regular occurrence of complications leading to further lap band removal costs. Despite the initial lower price for lap band surgery, many patients find that the cost of lap band surgery without insurance, along with the ongoing lap band price for adjustments and the potential cost to remove a lap band, makes it a costly and ultimately ineffective option. 

  • How much does sleeve gastrectomy cost?

    If you're considering a gastric sleeve, you may be wondering about the cost of sleeve gastrectomy. The price for gastric sleeve surgery can vary depending on the location, however, at our clinic in Ecuador, we offer a comprehensive gastric sleeve package at an affordable cost of $4980. This package includes the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy cost, pre-surgery consultations, as well as after-surgery care and support. 

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